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Waste to Energy

Thanks to the benefits of social, health, environmental and economic nature, the number of Waste-to-Energy projects Europe has strongly increased but also increased in quality. This is largely because of the support of the European Commission and a number of organizations, such as the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants ( and Municipal Waste Europe, the European association for municipal waste companies (

European municipal Waste-to-Energy companies have largely developed through intensive and long-time collaboration with other municipalities. In addition to innovations on the licensing and regulatory framework, the collaboration helped in attracting financing by municipalities uniting and providing mutual guarantees, which significantly reduced the risks for private sector financing with some financial institutions now providing financing for the development of a portfolio of Waste-to-Energy projects, guaranteed by a consortium of municipalities.

Indonesian municipalities have so far only limited experience in developing WTE projects. The issue is not so much with the technology, which can be obtained, but more with regulatory issues, and the investment framework.  While these WTE projects would be good candidates for Public Private Partnerships, few are currently being explored.

The object of the EU funded TCF Waste-to-Energy project is to support the acquisition of knowledge by Indonesian stakeholders, in particular municipal governments and financial institutions on successful WTE investments. The objective is to not only learn about WTE technologies, but to understand the whole framework, ranging from regulatory conditions created by government entities, regulations on environmental issues and financial arrangements, including regional or city council collaboration with private industry, the provision of mutual credit guarantees between municipalities, and the role municipalities play in Europe in developing projects.

TCF works together with INA in executing the program. INA takes the following works for its account:

  • Developing an online exchange platform for government officials (Waste-to-Energy)
  • Co-organizing events promoting corporation between WTE companies and regional governments
  • Maintaining a database of and providing support to stakeholders that are interested in waste-to-Energy opportunities in Indonesia

WTE Indonesia
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