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Indonesia has over 10 cities with over 1 million inhabitants and more than 25 with over 500 thousand inhabitants. Cities are growing fast and are facing challenges in the field of waste, transport, water, energy and housing. Many cities, companies and knowledge institutes are embracing the principles of smart cities to deal with these challenges. Cities acknowledge the need for expanding and improving urban infrastructure and housing. This offers opportunities for Indonesian-Netherlands co-operation, for example in the development and improvement of:

New urban townships, infrastructures and buildings: mega expansions of cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan and Makassar. This can include smart street lighting, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water, waste, sanitation, transport and ICT and offers opportunities to set-up co-operations with Indonesia’s property developers and city administrations
Existing urban areas, infrastructures and buildings: future proof rehabilitation of (poor) residential and industrial areas. This offers opportunities to set-up co-operations with communities, NGOs, companies and cities
New products and services: tailored to the Indonesian market place. This offers opportunities to set-up co-operations with companies and knowledge institutes and access new markets
R&D projects and living labs: research and piloting of innovative and inclusive urban development approaches, innovative technologies and the use of open data and ICT to empower urban communities. This offers opportunities for knowledge institutes and private sector
Smart city programs: city administration driven smart city programs and policies. This offers opportunities to set-up open data platforms for cities, big data services and to advise on urban and infrastructure development strategies

The Indonesian-Netherlands Smart City Platform aims to make the Netherlands a partner in smart city development in Indonesia. With leading expertise in construction, energy efficiency, traffic management, water and public services, the Netherlands has much to offer. During the past years, a number of companies have already benefited from the joint approach of the Netherlands private sector and the government in the area of smart city development in Indonesia.

The Platform will conduct a number of activities in Indonesia over the coming three years. We will appoint a liaison that will lead their efforts and will function as a bridge between Indonesia and The Netherlands through the Indonesian Netherlands Association (INA). INA will liaise with Indonesian partners, citizens and urban communities and Dutch partners. More information can be obtained from INA ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) at the INA office.

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Jakarta has been growing rapidly and with this growth high skyscrapers and many other buildings such as apartments, malls and hotels have been growing along. Construction companies have their hands full and it is not only Jakarta that is growing.

INA, as bilateral Chamber of Commerce between Indonesia and the Benelux, wants to promote European technology and expertise in green building in Indonesia to strengthen the position of European companies in the growing Indonesian construction market. This promotion will be done by forming a European Green Building Consortium consisting of construction companies, energy consultants, electrical suppliers and everyone who covers the aspect of green building. The European Green Building Consortium will help the building owner ‘go green’ by:

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Amsterdam Smart City

Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) is a unique partnership between businesses, authorities, research institutions and the people of Amsterdam. Together, our goal is to develop the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area into a smart city. A city is smart when investments in capital and communication infrastructure fuel sustainable economic growth and a high quality of life, in combination with an efficient use of natural resources. Over the past three years, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has worked successfully to become a Smart City.

Amsterdam Smart City platform

Amsterdam Smart City was initiated by the Amsterdam Economic Board, the City of Amsterdam, Liander and KPN. It has grown into a broad platform, with more than 70 partners that are involved in a variety of projects focussing on energy transition and open connectivity.

ASC is all about the total sum of testing innovative products and services, understanding the behaviour of the residents and users of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and sustainable economic investments. Using a collective approach by bringing partners together and setting up local projects, ASC makes it possible to test new initiatives. The most effective initiatives can then be implemented on a larger scale. All the acquired knowledge and experience is shared via the ASC platform. In this way, ASC helps to accelerate climate and energy programmes.

The ultimate goal of all activities is to contribute positively towards achieving CO2 emission targets, as well as aiding the economic development of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. In doing so, the quality of life will improve for everyone.


Short film about our cooperation on Smart Cities:

Bahasa Indonesia

Short film about Smart City missie 23 - 27 februari, Bandung, Jakarta:

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Cities in Indonesia are growing rapidly, with office buildings apartments, malls and hotels but also landed housing complexes expanding rapidly. This puts pressure on the infrastructure and the environment and created the need for smart city planning and environmentally friendly building.

INA, as bilateral Chamber of Commerce between Indonesia and the Benelux, wants to promote technology from the Netherlands and Belgium, covering topics such as.

  • ICT applications for interactions between government and citizens
  • Green building construction and engineering;
  • Green building standard facilitation;
  • Green building consultancy;
  • Energy analysis and optimization;
  • Day light analysis and lighting optimization;
  • Materials use optimization;
  • Efficient water management,

Fundamental and enhanced commissioning


Twentyonefutureproof website launched

MVO Nederland has launched the website, on which organizations and companies from all over the world can post and exchange ideas on smart cities and sustainable communities. Suggestions for the website can be sent to Laura Moningka (info@klimaatcoalitie).

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